How Can I Get Started?

  • We recommend exploring our Planner Bundles, complete with all the essentials to kickstart your planning journey. Checking out the Planner Bundles page on our website is sure to leave you feeling inspired!
  • Our Size Guide is a fantastic resource for any sizing inquiries you may have.
  • Our Planning Blog provides helpful information and walk-throughs for starting your planning journey.
  • One of our biggest beginner recommendations is scheduling a Planner Consultation with one of our experts, as they will give an in-depth walk-through on setting up your planner to fit your daily routine and career. They also provide a personalized product guide for you including written tips on using your new setup!
  • Each Thursday afternoon, our founder Ashley, hosts a live-streaming event on Instagram and Youtube called Happy Hour. It's a great time to hop on the stream to learn more about C&P, and the planning community, and to have fun shopping our site!
  • Stay connected with us on InstagramYouTube, and TikTok for planner tips, exclusive sneak peeks, and creative inspiration for your agenda! Don't forget to sign up for our Email Newsletter on our shop site for even more exciting updates!
  • Our Customer Service is stellar and always glad to assist with any questions you may have or suggestions needed! Should you ever need immediate assistance getting started while browsing our site, we're available via chat Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern Time, or by email from our Contact Us page.

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